… video art …

The Portals (2022)

Videokunst & Performance
An homage to Hotel Diaries by John Smith

Eine Minute Einstellungen (2022)


Innerview (2022)

The self I meet in my dream seems to be an ideal person, someone who has forgotten all reality.
– “Tell us about yourself. Where were you when that incident happened?”

A Message 2 U (2022)

Although I know I can’t convey all the meanings of what I want to say in words and some of them might sound like complicated morse code, I imagine I can express myself just as I am.

Time Squared (2022)

In my room, trapped in time. Things around me including myself seem fragmented.

Two and Only (2021)

Two and only, one but two. You and I may be two different ones, or the same one.

… animation …

start of the end (2022)

What did you do at midnight?

start of the
end of the
start of
the end

FALL (2022)

Fall is a perfect season to fall. (and also to get up)


The sound of falling raindrops mixed with the sounds the students made while studying made me feel like I should study forever.

Covidvid (2020)

With the start of 2020, the world has changed greatly due to the Covid-19. This animation humorously shows how people spent their time during lockdown such as toasting in front of the mirror.